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VarioCage Car Safety Crate

Traveling with your dog can be fun, but it also places you and your dog at risks.  These risks can be reduces or eliminated with some simple safety knowledge.

First and foremost, do not ever travel with your dog loose in the car, the can cause distractions for you and cause an accident.  I highly recommend restraining your dog when he’s in the car with you.  There are immense benefits to this:

He will feel more comfortable in his own place.
He will not escape in the event of an accident.
He will not dart out when you make a stop and open your door.
You can leave the windows down and your car can be receive ventilation through the crate.
Your passengers will not be at risk.

As you can see there are countless benefits to traveling with your dog in a crate.  But it’s important to know what type of crate is best.  I’ve had many crates in my car(s), everything from wire crates, to plastic crates, mesh crates and metal crates.  Once I did the research I ditched all of my other crates and settled in on one that I found was the safest.  I looked for 3 important aspects:

1. Is the crate crash tested to government safety standards

2. Does the crate have an emergency escape in the event my cargo door becomes inoperable.

3. Does the crate have a crumple zone in case the cargo area of my car becomes compromised.

I found one crate that has all three of these features.  It comes out of Sweden and it’s called the MiM VarioCage.  It’s the crate you’ll find in the back of my car and the one I recommend to all of my clients.  It’s available from as well as 4×4 North America.

Do your own research if you like, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.  The information is all out there with a simple google search.  Once you see, I think you’ll agree.  That’s why the VarioCage is on my list of Favorite Things.

*** Please note, I am not associated with VarioCage or any of its affiliates and do not receive and commission from them.  I am merely providing this information because the VarioCage is one of my favorite products for dogs!

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  1. i have owned a variocage for several years. It is wounderful, dogs are very safe and I do not worry about them.

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