Fading Rewards

Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for dog trainers and different levels is the ability to fade the rewards and gain compliance from their dogs.

Once the treat or toy is gone, the dog stops performing and the whole training game falls apart.

Well, in this week’s lesson I address this complex issue by delving into the mind of the dog and explaining the difference between Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing. For a dog to be well trained, he must do what we ask him to do without …Read More

How to Build Intense Focus with Your Dog

How to Build Intense Focus with Your Dog

Let me start out by saying this was just an impromptu video that I shot in my house last week. I was working with Goofy and Maya on some new “core strength” exercises when I realized that I had never made a video on how to build focus with a dog using rewards delivered from my mouth. I also call this:
Acting like a human Pez Dispenser

Not too long ago I wrote a post about not wearing sunglasses when you train your dog. Well this video / post goes right along …Read More

Play With Your Dog

Play with Your Dog

I was talking the other day with a fellow trainer and some interesting topics came up; one I thought I would discuss here.

It seems people are all-too anxious to “train” their dogs and miss one of the most fundamental elements necessary to train: relationship.  I’ve discussed this over and over again in my lectures as well as my articles and posts, but I want to address it again.

Beginning with training before you have a relationship with a dog can be very detrimental to the relationship between you and your dog …Read More

Taking Treats Gently

Training a Dog to Use a Soft Mouth

One common problem that people get annoyed with is when dogs nip at their hands trying to get treats.  The most commonly perceived solution to this is to pull your hand away from the dog and say NO.  Then upon trying again, the dog repeats the same behavior.  It becomes frustrating for both you and your dog as the dog tries harder and harder to get the treats and you try harder and harder not to get bit.  So that when he eventually gets his mouth onto your hand, he really …Read More

Treat Training Dogs

Treat Training

I’m perplexed at the amount of trainers I see polarized in their approach to dog training: either all compulsion based or all reward based, also known as treat training.  I saw a post the other day on facebook by a trainer who boasted of how he was able to get a few dogs, that had aggression issues, to sit together.  It’s sort of like posting, “Look how I was able to get these guys to paint my house, and I never paid them.”

The fact that some trainers brag that they …Read More