AKC Utility Trial Prep

AKC Utility Trial Training Prep
Last week I got a request from a member asking to shoot some video of my training my dog(s).  I’ve had this asked before, so I assume it is of interest to you guys…
Goofy and I are getting ready to go to a competition this weekend.  We’ll be showing in Utility and Open exercises at the trial.  I shot this video during one of our training sessions.  I left in the work of perfecting each technique just so you can see that even a dog that …Read More

Fading Rewards

Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for dog trainers and different levels is the ability to fade the rewards and gain compliance from their dogs.

Once the treat or toy is gone, the dog stops performing and the whole training game falls apart.

Well, in this week’s lesson I address this complex issue by delving into the mind of the dog and explaining the difference between Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing. For a dog to be well trained, he must do what we ask him to do without …Read More

Dog Training Stella the Bulldog

Successful Dog Training

Dog training involves thinking more about your dog than yourself.  This holds true whether you’re training your dog to sit, training a dog for obedience championships or training a dog for a complex task like protection or scent detection.  The most important thing to think about is, “How does your dog think?”  or “How can your dog best understand what you are trying to teach him?”

Although it may sound negative: unless you set your dog up to succeed under your training, you inevitably set your dog up for failure.

So many people …Read More

Using Rewards in Dog Training

Using Rewards in Dog Training

Choosing what rewards to use will be an important decision in your dog’s training. Toys such as balls and tugs elicit a very different behavior than treats / food.

I consider a ball as a minimally interactive toy compared to a tug. A ball is something that I can use to get a dog’s focus and then throw it to allow him to “free up” and then have him chase it, get it and bring it back. I use this to keep a dog’s drives and attention up. The primary thing …Read More