DOWN with Help

Teaching DOWN with Help
This is a special lesson!
My work at the shelters helps me to better understand complex behaviors that the average trainers never get to see.  It’s through this work that I’ve build my methodology and helped more and more dogs.
In this lesson I took a “green dog” (a dog with little to no training) and began trying to lure the DOWN command.  He just couldn’t get it.  I added some physical help that helped him understand what we wanted.
The issue is that many trainers will try to just …Read More

Loose Leash Walking

Logical Solutions Easy for Both Dog and Human

I think that getting a dog to walk on a loose leash and enjoy their walk is one of the most frustrating things that owners face. There are countless issues that go into it from the do’s prey drive, tight leashes, distractions, bad manners and a host of other things.

In this lesson, one of our longest ever, 30+ minutes – I discuss most every aspect of building a nice leash walk.

PLEASE NOTE – This lesson should be approached over several days / sessions.PLEASE, …Read More

Fading Rewards

Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for dog trainers and different levels is the ability to fade the rewards and gain compliance from their dogs.

Once the treat or toy is gone, the dog stops performing and the whole training game falls apart.

Well, in this week’s lesson I address this complex issue by delving into the mind of the dog and explaining the difference between Luring & Rewarding vs. Bribing. For a dog to be well trained, he must do what we ask him to do without …Read More

Marker Words

Using them to Properly Reward and CORRECT

Communicating with your dog is a simple thing, but if it’s not understood, it can lead to great confusion.

Using marker words will make the process simple because this allows you a clear communication with your dog. You will use positive markers as well as negative markers.

Using a marker shows the dog that the behavior he or she did is what you wanted (or also not what you wanted in a negative situation). You will have a clearer communication with your dog by taking out …Read More

Teach Your Dog to COME

THE single MOST important thing to teach any or EVERY dog is a recall.  It is for both safety and bonding.  Every dog should have a solid recall and it should be motivational. 

In this video / lesson I show you all the successes and failures in teaching this lesson.  The reason I leave the mistakes in the lesson is because I think that it makes the lesson more valuable for you.  You will be able to see the possible pitfalls of training a dog.

The complete lesson is in my …Read More

STAY – with distractions

Getting your dog to stay under distractions is a very powerful lesson. 

It’s not easy and it is something that you will be continuing to train forever.

We are always perfecting it and as you will see in this video, we haven’t done it in a while.  During the best of Goofy’s training he could hold a down under anything I could throw at him.  That could be other dog, cats, birds, people, tennis balls – anything.  I discuss this in this lesson and also give you all the foundations to teach …Read More

Eye Contact with Dogs

Too Cool to Train – Eye Contact with Our Dogs

Among the most important things we should focus on in dog training is getting our dog to connect with us, that is best achieved when our dogs look into our eyes. Eye contact with dogs connects us on a basic level that can promote a healthy training bond as well as a good overall relationship.  Many dogs don’t ever look at their human’s face, let along into their eyes.  There are several tricks to achieve this, one that I’ll be posting a video of shortly, but in the meantime there …Read More