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My youtube channel has become one of the top resources for dog lovers worldwide to gain more knowledge on dog training, canine behavior, health, fitness and more. With close to 1000 videos and growing, people wanted a more personal experience and more detailed lessons. Because of that, I opened my membership section!

In my private members only section you will get more detailed instruction and personalized attention from me. Each lesson is complete with descriptions of what I’m doing and what you need to look for, including a downloadable PDF of the lesson as well as quick “take away tips.” This will give you a better grasp to learn and deeper understanding of what is going on.

In my members section I will share with you the knowledge that I bring to my private clients, the shelters I teach and the training I do with my very own dogs. This content will not be available on youtube or facebook in this format. The videos on social media are shorter, less detailed and contain advertising. There is no advertising on the member’s videos. The member’s lessons are more complete and ad free!

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