Robert Cabral

As some of you may know, I studied martial arts and eastern philosophy most of my life.  I taught traditional martial arts / Budo here in Los Angeles as well as in Switzerland for about ten years in the 1990’s.  Meditation has been part of my daily routine for most of my life.  I accredit my success in life as well as my abilities to my training in the Eastern Arts.  It has saved my sanity and my life on more than one occasion.

A few months ago I found The Lovetuner, a single tone flute that resonates the 528HZ frequency, also known as the “love frequency.”  I use the Lovetuner sometimes before or after meditation and sometimes in place of meditation altogether.  I find it very beneficial and it gives me almost the exact same result as meditating, and I can do it almost anywhere, in less time.

Coincidentally I found that my dogs responded to the Lovetuner as well.  I noticed when I was tuning, my dogs “tuned in with me.”  This didn’t surprise me since a dog’s second strongest sense is their sense of hearing.  Since then I have tried it with other dogs including dogs in the shelter.  I’ve long advocated for shelters to pipe calming music into otherwise loud and stressful kennel runs.  This further reinforces what I believe about the power of sound to calm dogs.

I am putting the Lovetuner on my list of favorite things because of the benefit that it brings not only to people but also to our best friends.

If you’d like to learn more or get a Lovetuner for yourself, click here.

Please note that the Lovetuner should not be given to dogs to play with, it is small and can pose a choking hazard.  I’d hope you know that, but I’d like to remind those that might not. 🙂

*** I am not associated with Lovetuner and receive no commission from them. I am merely telling you about one of my favorite products.

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