Robert Cabral
Kong Toy Chew Toy for Dogs

The Kong Toy

The Kong is one of those products that is defined by one word.  There are numerous copies, but we still call them KONG.  I use Kongs as a reward and a stress reliever.  I put a small amount of almond butter inside and leave it with a dog who is a chewer or has anxiety about being left alone.  I use it to train dogs in crates, I use it for teething puppies, bottom line is I LOVE the Kong and recommend it to all of my clients.

Kongs come in different colors; Red, Black and Blue, not counting the colors for puppies.  There are also various shapes and new toys that the company manufactures.  I still stick with the old classic, the one that looks like part of the Michelin Man.  I usually recommend the blue ones because they are a better material and, I was told that they could be found if a piece was ingested by your dog.

Always be careful if your dog starts to chew pieces off of the toy and take it away form your dog.  It’s always best to watch your dog with a toy before you leave him alone with it.

*** I do not work for Kong and have no vested interest in the company.  The opinions expressed are merely my opinion.

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