Robert Cabral

Teaching DOWN with Help

This is a special lesson!

My work at the shelters helps me to better understand complex behaviors that the average trainers never get to see.  It’s through this work that I’ve build my methodology and helped more and more dogs.

In this lesson I took a “green dog” (a dog with little to no training) and began trying to lure the DOWN command.  He just couldn’t get it.  I added some physical help that helped him understand what we wanted.

The issue is that many trainers will try to just force the dog DOWN by either pushing them down or pulling the leash till they go down.  Neither of these is as effective and as clear as what I will show you in this video.

The value in this video is in watching the students apply the technique, sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly.

I think you’ll gain a greater understanding of patience and proper application by watching this lesson.

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