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Dog Treadmill DogTrotter

DogTrotter Dog Treadmill

I own a DogTrotter  and I will say its one of my very favorite things.  It’s beautifully made and works great.  My dogs love it and I know they are safe and getting in great shape.  It’s more than a machine, it’s a work of art.

Each DogTrotter is hand made to order.  They are all made right here in the USA and have numerous features that you can add on.  The most important things I like about the DogTrotter is that these treadmills are made for dogs, not humans.  They don’t run on electricity, they are slat mills, that means your dog powers the mill.  If your dog stops, the mill stops spinning.  This is an important safety feature.  Also, the belt is made of individual hard plastic slats that give with the weight of the dog, and the slats are engineered so that your dog can’t get his or her paws stuck underneath.

These mills are in use by top trainers, military agencies, police departments and dog lovers everywhere.  They’re not cheap, but they are worth it!

You’ll see videos of my dogs on my DogTrotter Treadmill

Do not accept any substitutes, there is only one!

*** I am not associated with DogTrotter and receive no commissions from them.  I am merely giving my opinion on my favorite products.

3 thoughts on “DogTrotter Dog Treadmill”

  1. Fall is here, the days are becoming shorter and many of them will be cold, wet and windy here in the Pacific Northwest. My dog’s exercise is going to have to come inside. But, this machine does not look like anything any animal could be attracted to naturally. How do your dogs get up on this thing and once there how happy are they that they are running on plastic slats? Are tasty treats or toys their only stimulus to workout on the Dog Trotter? Before sending thousands of dollars to WV, your advice would make me more comfortable and I would like to see the Duanenator using it.

    1. check my instagram page @robertcabral, I just posted a video of the Duane O Mator on it. He loves it. Yes, I use treats and motivation… any dog that loves to run can be taught properly how to enjoy this. I always tell people it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made… and I get 0 commision… I wish I did, I’d be rich!

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