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What is Dog Food

Whenever I hear people telling me that they are feeding their dog “Dog Food” I stop and wonder, “Just what is dog food?”  Isn’t food just food?  I think we’ve simplified life so much that it’s actually become more complex.  The idea that we categorize food as human food and dog food makes me wonder if people think about the differences.  Since the “dog food” that most people buy is so much cheaper than human food (think 40 lbs for $20) doesn’t it reason that the food must be of lower quality?  Can you buy 40lbs of human food, including meats for $20?  If so I wonder where you might shop.

The other day I was with a friend at a big warehouse store where he showed me the food he normally feeds to his dog.  It was a huge bag and looked good to him till I read him the ingredients.  The first ingredient was salmon meal.  Sounds good, right?  Well the idea of feeding the whole animal to the dog IS a good idea.  For example a dog would eat the organs, meat, fat and bones of most anything he kills, so what’s wrong with the “Meal” idea contained in most foods?  The key issue with this is that the meal doesn’t consist of equal parts.  In other words you can take the bones and scraps from any animal and just feed those as “MEAL.”  This is not a balanced nutrition for the dog.  There is a reason they can make dog food so cheap.

Bottom line when you ask yourself, “What is dog food?” answer the question simply – Dog food is food.  Your dog will eat much of the same foods that you eat, Meats, Veggies, Grains, Fruits, etc.  I saw most because there are some toxic foods that can harm your dog and I suggest you look into a quick internet search.

The above image is one of my home prepared meals for my dog.  It contains:

Organic Raw Meat
Organic (cooked) Brown Rice
Organic (steamed) Broccoli
extras include: spirulina, kelp, turmeric, calcium, omega 3,6,9 oil and a vitamin supplement

8 thoughts on “What is Dog Food = Food”

  1. Interested in your food plan, do you feed raw protein or is it cooked? I make most of my own food for my Collies, trying to get off all kibble products–thanks

  2. thank you –I feed Merrick kibble as well, my girl got a few hot spots from the beef so back to the salmon base–and I mix rice, yogurt, fish, spinach, blueberries, cheese, and some cream into the pot–thank you for the input- just joined your members–excellent advise, denise

  3. Do you add a prebiotic/probiotic?
    My 7 month Boxer has been through bags of food from 4 different companies, including Merrick, unfortunately its very difficult to find a puppy food that doesn’t have a chicken product and she’s allergic. Causes her to scratch a lot and bite her legs. She is on Diamond Naturals now which is primarily Lamb but even it has chicken fat. Her scratching has lessened some.
    Thanks so much.

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