My Feeding Routine

My Feeding Routine
This lesson give you a peek into my feeding ritual with my dogs.  How your dog sees the feeding time in your home is how your dog sees you. This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of dog ownership.  Everything in your dog’s eyes relates to his survival and that is a direct reflection of how his food is given to him.  Some people just let the dog eat whenever they want as in free feeding, others just throw the food down. I believe in structure …Read More

Kennel Gear – Dog Bowls and MORE!

Product review

As you know I love to find the best products, and I’ve found another one!

Feeding your dogs can be messy, but it can also be a safety hazard! Kennel Gear makes some amazing products that I’ve been using for years. Modular mounting brackets that you can attach to just about any surface – YES, just about any. This includes crates, fences, walls and just about anywhere else. I have one in every crate I own and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Watch the video below …Read More

piddling is not peeing

Piddling is not Peeing

Piddlers are dogs that leak a small (sometimes a large amount) when excited. This behavior should not be mistaken with dogs that mark intentionally or are peeing. There are generally two reasons why dogs piddle, one is due to a physical condition such as bladder problems, but more commonly the issue is behavioral. It is often seen in highly excitable or fearful dogs early on and if its not managed then it can remain a lifelong problem. I’ve seen it in small puppies as well as older dogs. The history …Read More

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog's Drives

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog’s Drives

The information contained in this article may be a bit advanced for some readers, but it is extremely important if you are dealing with a dog with difficult behaviors and are looking to hire a trainer to work with your dog or you are working with the dog yourself.  Suppressing the drives of a dog may seem like the answer on the surface, but there is much to be understood. This may also not be a piece that will find favor among all trainers.

With so many trainers popping up all over …Read More

How to Build Intense Focus with Your Dog

How to Build Intense Focus with Your Dog

Let me start out by saying this was just an impromptu video that I shot in my house last week. I was working with Goofy and Maya on some new “core strength” exercises when I realized that I had never made a video on how to build focus with a dog using rewards delivered from my mouth. I also call this:
Acting like a human Pez Dispenser

Not too long ago I wrote a post about not wearing sunglasses when you train your dog. Well this video / post goes right along …Read More

It Means What It Means

It Means What it Means – Not What You Think it Means

All too often people will analyze a dog’s behavior and draw conclusions from what they see.  Such as a dog that flinches when you go to pet his head must have been beaten, dogs that are afraid of men were probably abused by a man or dogs that are afraid of loud sounds were traumatized as puppies.

As much as it is a novel approach to come to try and come to a conclusion, more often than not it has nothing to do with anything relevant to the issue at hand.  …Read More

Eye Contact with Dogs

Too Cool to Train – Eye Contact with Our Dogs

Among the most important things we should focus on in dog training is getting our dog to connect with us, that is best achieved when our dogs look into our eyes. Eye contact with dogs connects us on a basic level that can promote a healthy training bond as well as a good overall relationship.  Many dogs don’t ever look at their human’s face, let along into their eyes.  There are several tricks to achieve this, one that I’ll be posting a video of shortly, but in the meantime there …Read More

Socialize Your Dog

Socialize Your Dog

Socialization is the way a dog sees the world, and in short – a dog needs proper socialization in order to thrive in a human world. A dog with good socialization sees the world as a fun and safe place. He sees people as friends and other dogs pose no threat to him. He is indifferent to sounds and things around him and enjoys his life and the person he calls his. On the other hand there are those dogs that are afraid of everything and everyone, they think other …Read More

Dog Training Stella the Bulldog

Successful Dog Training

Dog training involves thinking more about your dog than yourself.  This holds true whether you’re training your dog to sit, training a dog for obedience championships or training a dog for a complex task like protection or scent detection.  The most important thing to think about is, “How does your dog think?”  or “How can your dog best understand what you are trying to teach him?”

Although it may sound negative: unless you set your dog up to succeed under your training, you inevitably set your dog up for failure.

So many people …Read More

Taking Treats Gently

Training a Dog to Use a Soft Mouth

One common problem that people get annoyed with is when dogs nip at their hands trying to get treats.  The most commonly perceived solution to this is to pull your hand away from the dog and say NO.  Then upon trying again, the dog repeats the same behavior.  It becomes frustrating for both you and your dog as the dog tries harder and harder to get the treats and you try harder and harder not to get bit.  So that when he eventually gets his mouth onto your hand, he really …Read More