Don't Chase Your Dog

Don’t Chase Your Dog


Most of my articles / posts can be divided into two categories, ones that make life better for dogs and those that make our lives easier with dogs. This is one that falls into both categories and can be a lifesaver for all dogs.

Inevitably most people will try to play with their dog in a way that is fun and that is one of the best ways to form a cohesive bond and develop a solid relationship with dogs. This can be done through games like fetch, Frisbee, swimming with …Read More

piddling is not peeing

Piddling is not Peeing

Piddlers are dogs that leak a small (sometimes a large amount) when excited. This behavior should not be mistaken with dogs that mark intentionally or are peeing. There are generally two reasons why dogs piddle, one is due to a physical condition such as bladder problems, but more commonly the issue is behavioral. It is often seen in highly excitable or fearful dogs early on and if its not managed then it can remain a lifelong problem. I’ve seen it in small puppies as well as older dogs. The history …Read More

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog's Drives

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog’s Drives

The information contained in this article may be a bit advanced for some readers, but it is extremely important if you are dealing with a dog with difficult behaviors and are looking to hire a trainer to work with your dog or you are working with the dog yourself.  Suppressing the drives of a dog may seem like the answer on the surface, but there is much to be understood. This may also not be a piece that will find favor among all trainers.

With so many trainers popping up all over …Read More

Dog Training - Even a Monkey Can Do It

Dog Training – Even a Monkey Can Do It

One of the greatest obstacles facing humans when it comes to training or communicating with dogs is not skill, rather patience. People think that the dog should immediately understand what it is the human wants the dog to do. If the dog doesn’t get it people either think the dog is stupid or give up.

People often ask me,
“What is the secret to a well trained dog?” The answer is: “Patience.”
Training a dog involves being more stubborn than the dog and staying with it. Dogs learn through repetition, as do all …Read More

It Means What It Means

It Means What it Means – Not What You Think it Means

All too often people will analyze a dog’s behavior and draw conclusions from what they see.  Such as a dog that flinches when you go to pet his head must have been beaten, dogs that are afraid of men were probably abused by a man or dogs that are afraid of loud sounds were traumatized as puppies.

As much as it is a novel approach to come to try and come to a conclusion, more often than not it has nothing to do with anything relevant to the issue at hand.  …Read More

Socialize Your Dog

Socialize Your Dog

Socialization is the way a dog sees the world, and in short – a dog needs proper socialization in order to thrive in a human world. A dog with good socialization sees the world as a fun and safe place. He sees people as friends and other dogs pose no threat to him. He is indifferent to sounds and things around him and enjoys his life and the person he calls his. On the other hand there are those dogs that are afraid of everything and everyone, they think other …Read More

No Hugging No Humping

Hugging Dogs and Humping People

Dogs Don’t Like to Be Hugged – People Don’t Like to Be Humped
(explained below)
Recently I posted an article that stated what I’ve been saying for years; “Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged.” I’ve seen so many comments pertaining to this post that I thought I’d write a post to make my position clear.

For those people that have criticized this statement I’d urge you to read the second half of the title of this post. Do people like to be humped? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But I can’t imagine anyone …Read More

Un Training The Dog

Un Training the Dog in the Dog

When people complain about certain behaviors in dogs, they are often citing the exact behaviors that make the dog a  dog.   To cite a particular case, I had a client who was concerned about her dog biting other dogs when these dogs came up and growled, lunged-at and even bit her dog.  As ironic as this sounds, it is not an isolated incident.  Over and over I hear of people wanting to change core behaviors in dogs that just “can’t be changed” or “shouldn’t be changed.”  Take for example barking, dogs bark …Read More

Maya the Dog I Got

Don’t Try to Change Your Dog

You Got the Dog You Got… Stop trying to change him.

I think one thing people just can’t wrap their heads around is the individuality of other creatures. Perhaps it is the self-righteous narcissistic characteristic of humans that makes them believe that everyone and everything should change in order to please them.

This holds true whether looking for people who treat us the way we believe we should be treated without looking at the way they treat others first. It holds true when picking out a dog because of the way he …Read More

Dogs Bite Children

Dogs Bite Children

Why Do Dogs Bite Children?   read on for a solid perspective…

This afternoon I was walking my dogs in the park by my house (as I do most every day).  There were many people in the park, other dogs, soccer practice and birds singing – a beautiful afternoon.

Suddenly from around the corner a young boy comes out with a soccer ball in his hands.  He stopped when he saw me and the dogs and looked directly at me and then the dogs.  He took the ball and threw it with all his …Read More