My Feeding Routine

My Feeding Routine
This lesson give you a peek into my feeding ritual with my dogs.  How your dog sees the feeding time in your home is how your dog sees you. This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of dog ownership.  Everything in your dog’s eyes relates to his survival and that is a direct reflection of how his food is given to him.  Some people just let the dog eat whenever they want as in free feeding, others just throw the food down. I believe in structure …Read More

Kennel Gear – Dog Bowls and MORE!

Product review

As you know I love to find the best products, and I’ve found another one!

Feeding your dogs can be messy, but it can also be a safety hazard! Kennel Gear makes some amazing products that I’ve been using for years. Modular mounting brackets that you can attach to just about any surface – YES, just about any. This includes crates, fences, walls and just about anywhere else. I have one in every crate I own and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Watch the video below …Read More

So You Got a Malinois

Working Dogs Working Dog Issues

Working dogs are a specific line of a particular breed of dog that are bred for working. That “working” generally refers to either protection work, obedience work or other high intensity chores. Because of this, these dogs are different in nature than the standard dogs. Take for example German Shepherds, there are three varieties: pet dogs, show dogs and working dogs. They are all German Shepherds and look similar, but quite different in personality.Read More

Teach Your Dog SIT

One of the most basic things to teach a dog is SIT.  But we have to remember that dogs already know how to do that, we are just putting this behavior on Cue!  Getting a dog to do any obedience on command and making it perfect is what I want to discuss in this post.
The Perfect SIT:
There are two different sits in the dog obedience world – the tuck sit, which is the preferred method for competitive dog trainers who compete in dog sports such as AKC obedience and IPO, …Read More

Teach Your Puppy Everything

Puppy Training – Teach Your Puppy Everything

Puppy Training:
Puppy Training means teaching your puppy everything!  Or at least as much as possible!  Although this is a good goal, it probably will never be reached by anyone.  The next best thing will be to teach your puppy as much as possible.  In this video I  show you a complete training routine from beginning to end.

When I first start working with a new puppy or dog, I try to shape as many behaviors as I possibly can.  So people always ask me; “What does your puppy training routine look …Read More

Dog Aggression and Positive Only Training – “the pitfalls”

Dog aggression is serious in nature and understanding it takes someone with an immense amount of experience.  One thing that upsets me is dog trainers with little experience talking about using positive only training to deal with dog aggression.  That dog aggression can be against people, dogs or even other animals.  The key thing is to understand that dog aggression is feral and primal in nature.  It stems from a defensive drive and the threat to the dog can be real or perceived.

In this video I discuss this topic at …Read More

Playing Tug With Your Dog – everything you need to know

Playing tug with your dog is one of the most rewarding interactions  you can do.  But understanding how to play tug is very frustrating, often for dog and human.  In this post I’d like to break down how to play tug for fun and learning and to build the relationship between you and your dog.

The game of tug stems from a dog’s prey drive – that is the desire to seek, find, chase and kill to eat.  It is this same “drive” that we look to harness when playing most …Read More

What is the BEST Dog Training Technique

What the best dog training technique is can be a slippery slope depending on whom you talk to.  There are staunch opinions on all sides.  In this video I break the styles of dog training into 3 basic categories:

Operant Conditioning Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training

In order to understand which method of dog training is best for your dog, you must first understand the terminology, and I address that in this video.  I like to break the methods down into simple language you can understand.  …Read More

crate training your dog

Crate Train Your DOG the Easy Way

One of the VERY most important things you will ever do for your dog or puppy is crate training.  It is a benefit to puppies for house breaking but will be an immense help later in life if you travel or ever have to take your dog to the vet.  Crate training teaches your dog to be comfortable and feel safe in his special space.
Getting your dog to love his crate should be one the very first behaviors you teach.  Whether it’s a new dog to your home, irrelevant if …Read More

How to Talk to YOUR DOG

It’s one of the most common problems people face in dog training whether its with their dogs or a clients dog; a lack of communication.

I originally titled this video, “How to Confuse Your Dog,” but I thought that seemed too negative.  But, it is exactly what people do when they try to TALK to their dog – it simply confuses the dog because he lacks the ability to understand your words.  That is he LACKS the ability until you teach him.  It must be our first and foremost goal to …Read More