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Product review

As you know I love to find the best products, and I’ve found another one!

Feeding your dogs can be messy, but it can also be a safety hazard! Kennel Gear makes some amazing products that I’ve been using for years. Modular mounting brackets that you can attach to just about any surface – YES, just about any. This includes crates, fences, walls and just about anywhere else. I have one in every crate I own and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Watch the video below …Read More

Break Away Collars and Martingale Safety Dog Collars

I’ve talked about break away collars and how important they are for the safety of your dog.  Leaving any collar on your dog is a recipe for trouble.  Dogs can hang themselves on something or strangulate one another if playing with another dog.  Break away collars are designed to keep your dog safe in the event their collar gets hooked on something or if they become tangled with another dog.

If a dog jumps, their collar can get hooked on something as simple as the edge of a chain link fence.  …Read More

AllSafe Crash Tested Safety Harness

Dog Safety Harness – AllSafe

Dog Safety Harnesses, they’re not all the same.
If you travel with your dog in the car, I highly suggest you consider restraining him with either a safety harness or a safety crate.  Safety harnesses are simple to use, sot effective and can save your dogs life (as well as yours) in the event of a crash.  Furthermore, using a safety harnes may even prevent a crash.  Dogs can be propelled through a car with several thousand pounds of force in the event of an impact.  that force (once set in …Read More

Today Show NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda

Today Show about Dog Safety

Today I was on the Today Show on NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda.  The segment was dedicated to pet safety.  Since I know many of you will be asking about these products, I thought to post all the info here as well as links where to buy them.  I am happy at the overwhelming positive response to keeping your pets safe when you travel, it is so important.  If you’d like to watch the segment, click here.

The first item I talked about was the Klein Metall AllSafe Harness.  It …Read More

AllSafe Dog Safety Harness

How to use the AllSafe Harness

How to use the AllSafe Harness and it’s Safety Benefits.
Dogs are often susceptible to injuries in cars, in the vent of an accident as well as from common mishaps and it’s important to know how to use the AllSafe Harness.  When a dog is loose in a car they can also place your passengers at risk.  Loose dogs often wander around the passenger compartment and distract drivers, get in the way, obstruct vision and in the event of a sudden stop (whether or not that stop is the result of …Read More

VarioCage Car Safety Crate


Traveling with your dog can be fun, but it also places you and your dog at risks.  These risks can be reduces or eliminated with some simple safety knowledge.

First and foremost, do not ever travel with your dog loose in the car, the can cause distractions for you and cause an accident.  I highly recommend restraining your dog when he’s in the car with you.  There are immense benefits to this:

He will feel more comfortable in his own place.
He will not escape in the event of an accident.
He will not …Read More