Dog Food for optimum health

What is Dog Food = Food

What is Dog Food

Whenever I hear people telling me that they are feeding their dog “Dog Food” I stop and wonder, “Just what is dog food?”  Isn’t food just food?  I think we’ve simplified life so much that it’s actually become more complex.  The idea that we categorize food as human food and dog food makes me wonder if people think about the differences.  Since the “dog food” that most people buy is so much cheaper than human food (think 40 lbs for $20) doesn’t it reason that the food …Read More

breakfast for dogs

Breakfast for Dogs

Breakfast for Dogs
People often wonder, What should breakfast for dogs look like.  Should it be the same as the evening meal?  Should we feed once a day or twice a day?  There are a host of answers, but studies have shown it is healthier for dogs to eat 2 meals instead of one large meal.

I like to vary foods for my dogs and breakfast is usually a meal that I share with my dogs, that is we eat at the same time and basically the same thing.  I like feeding …Read More

Dog Bones

Raw Bones

Raw Bones for Dogs
When I think of feeding my dogs something that is nutritious, good for them and enjoyable all at the same time, I immediately think raw bones.  As far back as dogs have been dogs (and even when they were still wolves), they have snacked and feasted on raw bones with some meat still attached.  When the dog kills their prey the first thing they eat is the organs, then the muscle meat and when all that is gone, they sit back and gnaw on the raw bones …Read More

oatmeal breakfast for dogs

Home Cooked Meals for Dogs -Breakfast

Ever wonder what your dog might love for breakfast?  Home cooked meals for dogs are my dog’s favorite, here’s a recipe of Oatmeal and Blueberries.

I found this recipe in Dr Jean Dodds book, Canine Nutrigenomics.  I’ve been feeding it to my dog ever since.  It’s a simple recipe and my dogs love it.

Oat Meal
Frozen Blueberries
Manuka Honey
Coconut Oil
Calcium Powder
and add a vitamin supplement.
*** I use as many organic ingredients as possible

Since I feed my dog a balanced diet of raw meats, bones, vegetables, rice, supplements and more.  A home cooked breakfast …Read More

Dog Food Recipe Turkey and Veggies

Dog Food Recipe – Turkey and Veggies

In today’s dog food recipe I prepared a turkey feast.


Organic Turkey
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Broccoli
Organic Carrots
Goat Cheese

For most every dog food recipe, be sure to steam or flash boil the veggies and chop them finely. I use a food processor (done after this picture was taken). Then everything is mixed together.

Beef and Tripe Recipe for Dogs.

Beef Tripe Recipe for Dogs

Beef Tripe is a great source of protein and nutrients for dogs.  I add an equal amount of muscle meet (or just plain beef) in order to enhance the taste and nutrients for my dogs.  Green Tripe refers to the fact that the tripe is unrefined, not necessarily the color of the meat.

Adding veggies and rice to your raw meats makes for an even more nutritious meal for your dog.  In this recipe I include:

Organic Beef
Green Tripe
Organic Green Beans
Organic Brown Rice
Dr. Bob’s Heath Nuggets (supplements)

Dog Food Extras

Dog Food Extras

I believe that you can always make your dog’s meal better by adding some dog food extras.  I call them toppers as well and it makes me happy to slip a little extra surprise in my dog’s meal.

If you’re feeding your dog canned food or kibble, you can always enhance the experience for your dog’s palate by simply adding some extra veggies and / or fruits.  This can boost the nutritional value with little effort, and your dog will love you for it.

In this recipe I add:

Organic Kale
Organic Yellow Squash
Organic Blueberries

Home Prepared Beef Recipe for Dogs

Home Prepared Meals for Dogs – Beef Tripe

I love to feed natural, home prepared meals for my dogs, with natural ingredients.  I’m sharing today’s breakfast recipe here.  Be aware that there are many ingredients that are good for dog and a few that aren’t.  I urge you to research what the best foods are and also check to see what agrees best with your dog’s stomach.  Even though an ingredient might be good doesn’t necessarily mean that it will agree with him.

Raw Beef tripe
Raw Lamb
*Sweet potato
**Yellow squash
Flax seed oil
Vitamin supplement
Turmeric  1/4 teaspoon

* The sweet potato (or Yam as they are …Read More

Greens for Your Dog

Greens for Your Dog

I believe in giving a dog a very balanced diet.  Giving your dog only meats or only veggies is not something that I consider balanced.  Dogs have co-evolved with us and it is upon that fact that I base my diet for my dogs.  Since they have lived with us so long, we would have to assume they evolved eating what we eat, so therefore my suggestions for diet follow suit.

Feeding your dog a good diet of raw meats is very healthy for him.  I like to add chopped (or better …Read More