Ear Infections in Dogs May be helped with Earwell Wiptes

Ear Infections in Dogs – Clean Your Dog’s Ears

One of the most common issues I’ve seen in dogs is ear infections.  They can be tough to cure and expensive to treat, but not that hard to prevent.

Countless dogs suffer from minor ear infections that will only get worse if not treated.  Keeping your dog’s ears clean is a super simple step that should be part of your cleaning routine, just like brushing and toe nail trimming.

You can use products like witch hazel and apple cider vinegar, but none are as easy to use and readily available as a …Read More

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

I will do a short series of videos on grooming your dog including teeth brushing, toenail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing.


This post focuses on what I consider one of the most overlooked aspects of dog grooming, brushing your dog’s teeth. Dog suffer from tooth and gum disorders more than humans because of two factors,

Their diet
The lack of attention we pay to cleaning their teeth.


This most often affects dogs who are fed a commercial / kibble type diet. These foods tend to stick to your dog’s teeth and cause …Read More

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

With all of the natural flea and tick solutions and products available I am stunned that people still buy poison to put on their dogs. Think about a product that you squirt on your dog’s skin (less than an ounce) and it’s so powerful that it repels fleas over your dog’s entire coat for a month. Let’s think about what damage that might cause to our dog.

Consider for a moment that the largest organ on any animal’s body is their skin and then ask yourself why you would pour poison …Read More

Dog Myths Revealed on the CW San Diego

Today I was on the CW San Diego with Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett.  We played a fun game of TRUE or FALSE when it comes to dog myths.  It was almost impossible to stump Jacqueline, so I’m putting some info from the segment below in case you’d like to share it or maybe you missed the segment.

The link to the segment is here:
Dog Myth #1
All Dogs are Great Swimmers:

This is a common myth and can be deadly to many dogs, in particular dogs such as bulldogs. I always recommend using a life vest to protect …Read More

Limber Tail Syndrome

Limber Tail Syndrome

Before you laugh, please be assured this is a common condition and one that my own dog had a few weeks ago.

We had been playing a bit of frisbee and then went swimming.  It was a super fun day with lots of activity for both of us.  He is one of the most fit dogs I’ve ever seen and he will go and go, so a few hours later when I noticed that his tail was drooping, I was startled.  He always wags his tail and is always happy to …Read More

Dog Food for optimum health

What is Dog Food = Food

What is Dog Food

Whenever I hear people telling me that they are feeding their dog “Dog Food” I stop and wonder, “Just what is dog food?”  Isn’t food just food?  I think we’ve simplified life so much that it’s actually become more complex.  The idea that we categorize food as human food and dog food makes me wonder if people think about the differences.  Since the “dog food” that most people buy is so much cheaper than human food (think 40 lbs for $20) doesn’t it reason that the food …Read More

tennis balls and dogs

Tennis Balls and Dogs

Tennis Balls and Dogs.
Tennis balls and dogs, they go together like summer and the beach.  I’ve written previously about the dangers of tennis balls and dogs, but think it’s important to address it again.  It’s often the best meaning people that give their dogs tennis balls, not knowing the dangers.  I’d like to state that DOGS LOVE TENNIS BALLS, and for that simple reason you should be aware of the dangers they pose.  Dogs are often obsessed with tennis balls and will chew on them incessantly.

Tennis balls are one of …Read More

breakfast for dogs

Breakfast for Dogs

Breakfast for Dogs
People often wonder, What should breakfast for dogs look like.  Should it be the same as the evening meal?  Should we feed once a day or twice a day?  There are a host of answers, but studies have shown it is healthier for dogs to eat 2 meals instead of one large meal.

I like to vary foods for my dogs and breakfast is usually a meal that I share with my dogs, that is we eat at the same time and basically the same thing.  I like feeding …Read More

Dog Bones

Raw Bones

Raw Bones for Dogs
When I think of feeding my dogs something that is nutritious, good for them and enjoyable all at the same time, I immediately think raw bones.  As far back as dogs have been dogs (and even when they were still wolves), they have snacked and feasted on raw bones with some meat still attached.  When the dog kills their prey the first thing they eat is the organs, then the muscle meat and when all that is gone, they sit back and gnaw on the raw bones …Read More