Robert Cabral
Brilliant K9 Dog Harness

I see many dogs wearing vests and harnesses for one reason or another.  I don’t normally recommend harnesses for dogs who pull, but there are several other reasons that dogs should wear them including for dogs who have cervical issues and older dogs.  When asked what brand I recommend I only say Brilliant K9.  They are a top shelf company that hand makes their harnesses right here in the USA.  Each one is hand made and they have a range of sizes available so you will find the right size for your dog.  These harnesses are sized much differently than conventional harnesses which makes them fit better and safer for your dog.  Take a look at their sizing guide and you’ll see a ton of sizes that go way beyond the normal SM, MED and LARGE.

I love their attention to detail and the quick release buckles are the best I’ve seen.

They come in a variety of super cool styles, colors and patterns – something for just about everyone.

Another great feature about Brilliant K9 is their dedication to rescue, they have a trade-up program that allows you to trade in your old harnesses when your dog outgrows his current one.

Watch the video above as I demonstrate the harness on my dog Goofy.

For more information on the Brilliant K9 Harness, visit them at this link:

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