Puppy Basics

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with a Shelter Puppy I’ve trained so many puppies, including my own.  There are several videos available on YouTube on my puppy training, but I’ve never done this before – training a shelter puppy in a complete run-through of the basics.  Honestly, I never thought of it until last month when I was at the shelter teaching my Bound Angels …

Teach Your Puppy Everything

Puppy Training – Teach Your Puppy Everything

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Puppy Training: Puppy Training means teaching your puppy everything!  Or at least as much as possible!  Although this is a good goal, it probably will never be reached by anyone.  The next best thing will be to teach your puppy as much as possible.  In this video I  show you a complete training routine from beginning to end. When I …

Socialize Your Dog

Socialize Your Dog

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Socialization is the way a dog sees the world, and in short – a dog needs proper socialization in order to thrive in a human world. A dog with good socialization sees the world as a fun and safe place. He sees people as friends and other dogs pose no threat to him. He is indifferent to sounds and things …

Puppy Training Engagement

Puppy Training Rules of 9

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Puppy Training Puppies are in their developmental foundation stage and depending on what they experience, and how they experience it, this will create the dog they become. Most idiosyncrasies that dogs have can be often be traced back to things that happened as puppies, in particular fear and aggression. If a puppy has a bad experience and nothing is done …