Hind End Awareness

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Those of you who know me know how much importance I put on the little things in training.  There’s a saying in the TAO “to know the little things in the big things, and the big things in the little things! Knowing and applying little tips can make a big difference in your obedience as well as solving other problems.  …

Obedience First

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Training for Success How you begin your training routine is among the very most important aspects of your training.  Even with the very best training techniques, you can still have a difficult time training your dog unless you know how to start and the importance of the structure of the training.  I’ve had many people ask me “how I train …

Building Drive

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Using Food Dispensing Toys Seeing as last week’s lesson covered a topic that requires some drive in a dog in order to perform the task, I thought I’d spend a lesson on building drive.  In particular building drive on a dog with little to no toy drive…. Remember, there is always something a dog will work for.  Dogs need to …

Teach Your Dog Leave It

Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT

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One of the most important things to teach your dog is what we call YUK, FOOEY or LEAVE IT. This command is at the root of protecting your dog and allowing your dog to let you make decisions on what the dog is allowed to touch and what he or she MUST leave! Getting your dog to leave it when you say so can save your dog’s life.

Teach Your Puppy Everything

Puppy Training – Teach Your Puppy Everything

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Puppy Training: Puppy Training means teaching your puppy everything!  Or at least as much as possible!  Although this is a good goal, it probably will never be reached by anyone.  The next best thing will be to teach your puppy as much as possible.  In this video I  show you a complete training routine from beginning to end. When I …