Break Away Collars and Martingale Safety Dog Collars

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I’ve talked about break away collars and how important they are for the safety of your dog.  Leaving any collar on your dog is a recipe for trouble.  Dogs can hang themselves on something or strangulate one another if playing with another dog.  Break away collars are designed to keep your dog safe in the event their collar gets hooked …

Why Retractable Flexi Leashes are Dangerous

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You will see people everywhere using those retractable flexi leashes.  They are ever so popular because they give dogs more freedom, and who wouldn’t want that?  A free dog is a happy dog, right?  Wrong! These flexi leashes are extremely dangerous for dogs and people. BUT, I’ll start by saying I own a few and recommend them for trainers who …

Today Show NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda

Today Show about Dog Safety

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Today I was on the Today Show on NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda.  The segment was dedicated to pet safety.  Since I know many of you will be asking about these products, I thought to post all the info here as well as links where to buy them.  I am happy at the overwhelming positive response to keeping your …

Maya in Hotel Room - The Today Show

We’ll be on the Today Show on NBC

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Tomorrow morning June 29th, Maya and I will be on the Today Show on NBC talking about pet safety. As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of safety for our dogs and pets.  Tomorrow the Today Show is dedicating a segment to Pet Safety.  I’ll be talking about many aspects including choosing a safe, crash tested car crate …