Obedience First

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Training for Success How you begin your training routine is among the very most important aspects of your training.  Even with the very best training techniques, you can still have a difficult time training your dog unless you know how to start and the importance of the structure of the training.  I’ve had many people ask me “how I train …

Play With Your Dog

Play with Your Dog

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I was talking the other day with a fellow trainer and some interesting topics came up; one I thought I would discuss here. It seems people are all-too anxious to “train” their dogs and miss one of the most fundamental elements necessary to train: relationship.  I’ve discussed this over and over again in my lectures as well as my articles …

Dog Behaviors Must be Trained

Dog’s Behaviors Don’t Fix Themselves

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Dogs are creatures of survival. They find what works and they keep doing it. Their behaviors don’t change, they simply adapt. If they are heading in a direction of aggression, they will continue in that direction until it stops working. Dogs are masters of opportunity and will use this skill to push any behaviors that are not put into check. …