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Teaching the Send Away

In Blogby Robert Cabral4 Comments

Not every lesson will be something to teach your particular dog, but each lesson contains important aspects that will be very useful to your dog, the relationship with your dog and your overall skill as a dog owner, handler and trainer. This week’s lesson is the GO OUT.  It is one of the hardest things to teach a dog.  Think …

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Teach Your Dog to Retrieve

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Fetch – BRING – Go Get It You’ve seen it on TV and in the movies, the dog that just brings you your slippers, the newspaper and just about everything else.  In fact, I taught Goofy to bring me a beer from the fridge and close the door when he’s done. But how do we do it?  How is it …

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Working Dogs Working Dog Issues

In Blog, Dog Trainingby Robert Cabral5 Comments

Working dogs are a specific line of a particular breed of dog that are bred for working. That “working” generally refers to either protection work, obedience work or other high intensity chores. Because of this, these dogs are different in nature than the standard dogs. Take for example German Shepherds, there are three varieties: pet dogs, show dogs and working dogs. They are all German Shepherds and look similar, but quite different in personality.

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Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT

In Dog Safetyby Robert Cabral3 Comments

One of the most important things to teach your dog is what we call YUK, FOOEY or LEAVE IT. This command is at the root of protecting your dog and allowing your dog to let you make decisions on what the dog is allowed to touch and what he or she MUST leave! Getting your dog to leave it when you say so can save your dog’s life.

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Can Dogs Feel Emotions?

In Blog, Dog Healthby Robert CabralLeave a Comment

Dogs are capable of feeling many of the same basic emotions as humans (as is also the case for most other mammals). We see this more closely in dogs because of our intense connection. Dogs will also pick up on our emotions and either fall into them with us, or work their tails off to get us out of our funk!

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Teach Your Dog SIT

In Blog, Dog Trainingby Robert Cabral3 Comments

One of the most basic things to teach a dog is SIT.  But we have to remember that dogs already know how to do that, we are just putting this behavior on Cue!  Getting a dog to do any obedience on command and making it perfect is what I want to discuss in this post. The Perfect SIT: There are …

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Puppy Training – Teach Your Puppy Everything

In Blog, Dog Trainingby Robert Cabral4 Comments

Puppy Training: Puppy Training means teaching your puppy everything!  Or at least as much as possible!  Although this is a good goal, it probably will never be reached by anyone.  The next best thing will be to teach your puppy as much as possible.  In this video I  show you a complete training routine from beginning to end. When I …

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Dog Aggression and Positive Only Training – “the pitfalls”

In Blog, Dog Aggression, Dog Trainingby Robert Cabral2 Comments

Dog aggression is serious in nature and understanding it takes someone with an immense amount of experience.  One thing that upsets me is dog trainers with little experience talking about using positive only training to deal with dog aggression.  That dog aggression can be against people, dogs or even other animals.  The key thing is to understand that dog aggression …