the secret to off leash heeling

I have used a pull-tab in training almost every dog I’ve ever trained.  So, sharing this with you here gives you a great piece of the puzzle that I use to transitioning a dog to off leash. 

In this video I give you a big secret that will help you form a bond through training your dog and communicating better with him or her. Knowing how to properly use the pull-tab is imperative to making the communication clear with your dog.  I cover all of the steps …Read More

Luring the PUPPY

the very first day!

It’s not uncommon that I get messages from members that “It’s not working…”. This usually is during the frustration mode (from the viewer) and the confusion mode of the puppy or dog.

This is an older video that I’ve never shown before but want to share it with you because I think it’s extremely valuable if you’ve ever been frustrated with your puppy.

The video / lesson is broken down into 3 segments that were shot separately.  You’ll see in the very first one Duane is pretty clueless as …Read More

The BROAD Jump

The broad jump is very unique in that the dog will need to clear distance in length more so than in height. This can be tricky to teach a dog, but I break it down in this lesson.

Goofy had issues learning this, so I speak from experience, when I tell you that I know the issues surrounding this. We’ve made every mistake that exists in this lesson.

Teach Your Dog the Broad Jump

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Teach Your Dog to COME

THE single MOST important thing to teach any or EVERY dog is a recall.  It is for both safety and bonding.  Every dog should have a solid recall and it should be motivational. 

In this video / lesson I show you all the successes and failures in teaching this lesson.  The reason I leave the mistakes in the lesson is because I think that it makes the lesson more valuable for you.  You will be able to see the possible pitfalls of training a dog.

The complete lesson is in my …Read More

The Perfect DOWN

I consider the DOWN command the most important of the 3
positions.  The positions are DOWN, SIT
and STAND.  In basic obedience a dog is
required to know two, SIT and DOWN, but if we take it further, we teach the dog
the STAND. 

The DOWN command is critical because it is a completely
“disabling” command.  In other words, the
dog is out of the range of movement, unlike in SIT and STAND where the dog is
ready to move much more quickly.  That is
why I opt for a down when I want a dog in total …Read More

STAY – with distractions

Getting your dog to stay under distractions is a very powerful lesson. 

It’s not easy and it is something that you will be continuing to train forever.

We are always perfecting it and as you will see in this video, we haven’t done it in a while.  During the best of Goofy’s training he could hold a down under anything I could throw at him.  That could be other dog, cats, birds, people, tennis balls – anything.  I discuss this in this lesson and also give you all the foundations to teach …Read More

Jumping – Foundations

part 1 – intro

I’ve never made a video on jumping and I think understanding the
basics of it can be very beneficial for anyone and every dog.

First and foremost, NEVER EVER teach your dog to jump over a gate
or a fence.  This teaches bad habits that
will be impossible to break later and could cost your dog his or her life.

This video covers the intro to jumping.  Although the video itself is relatively short, it contains a ton of info.  Watch it a few times and I guarantee you’ll see things the …Read More

the hold part 3


part 3 – the bonus

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we first touched on the HOLD
as taught as part of the RETRIEVE training. 
The hold is perhaps the most important part because it cements what we
want the dog to do.  We want the dog to
bring something to us, but he HOLDS it in front of us until we take it. 

As I showed in lesson 1, we focused with Duane on just holding
an object in front of me and get rewarded for holding and releasing.  This taught a nice solid …Read More

Door Darting

your dog’s safety!

Needless to say, dogs running out your door is a huge safety risk. Of all the topics I’ve addressed, I’ve never addressed this one. So, I decided to make a complete lesson on the topic. It’s broken down into three parts. I will post a portion of part1 on my YouTube and Facebook channel, but only members will see all three complete parts in this lesson.

Door Darting / Dashing! Keep your dog safe!

The complete lesson is in my member’s only section. …Read More

The PVC Box

great obedience training tool

It is important that your dog fit comfortably into the box, but
making it too large will be a big mistake as it will create the exact
issue you are trying to correct / prevent.  If you have a puppy now, you
may end up building a few boxes until the puppy becomes a dog.  I did!

The width of the box should be just a small
amount wider than your dog as you can see in the diagram below.

The complete lesson is in my member’s only section. …Read More