Treat Training Dogs

Treat Training

I’m perplexed at the amount of trainers I see polarized in their approach to dog training: either all compulsion based or all reward based, also known as treat training.  I saw a post the other day on facebook by a trainer who boasted of how he was able to get a few dogs, that had aggression issues, to sit together.  It’s sort of like posting, “Look how I was able to get these guys to paint my house, and I never paid them.”

The fact that some trainers brag that they …Read More

The Dog Training Diet Syndrome

The Dog Training Diet Syndrome

I am often perplexed by people who take their dog training just about as serious as their New Years Diet. That is, they do it for a while and then let it go. In this situation everyone suffers: the people, the dog, the people who come into contact with the dog, the dogs that come into contact with the dog and eventually the system when the dog is dumped into a shelter.
To start out with I will say, “If you don’t have the time, patience or persistence for a dog, …Read More

Dog Behaviors Must be Trained

Dog’s Behaviors Don’t Fix Themselves

Dogs are creatures of survival. They find what works and they keep doing it. Their behaviors don’t change, they simply adapt. If they are heading in a direction of aggression, they will continue in that direction until it stops working. Dogs are masters of opportunity and will use this skill to push any behaviors that are not put into check.

That being said, I’d like to focus on this issue for this post. If a dog attacks another dog, and then does it again, it is NO LONGER an ISOLATED incident. …Read More

Loving your dog and training

Dog Training Starts with a Relationship

I encounter many clients who have dogs that are trained, yet the people can not get the dog to do that which the dog has been trained to do.

There are several reasons for this. Among the biggest hurdles that people face is that if they didn’t train the dog themselves they will have a harder time with the dog. Most qualified trainers will tell you that YOU need to train your dog. Training starts with your relationship with your dog. There’s an article on the site that I suggest everyone …Read More

Fear Biters are usually small dogs like this guy.

Fear Biters

Fear Biters are most commonly smaller dogs, as was the case with the dog I met just the other day,

I was introduced to an adorable little dog that had the habit of biting visitors.  Upon first meeting this little firecracker, who is close to 13 years old, I observed a cute little guy that stood in a corner and shook.  His little legs were wobbly from shaking.  When he saw me, he ran over and immediately began biting at my shoes.  This is clearly a sign of fear biting and not the aggressive behavior …Read More

pit bull aggressive or confused

Discipline Your Dog Without Anger

I’m often asked how to “correct” a dog’s behavior.  The other day I met a gentleman who was having some behavior problems with his Pit Bull.  The dog would play and play, then suddenly get aggressive.  The man yelled at his dog, the dog would stop, the man would then continue to yell at the dog, then walk away in disgust.  The simple thing to remember is that the dog does not understand English (or any other language for that matter).
The most common mistake I see people make in trying …Read More

alpha dog training the best way to train your dog

Absolute Alpha Dog

Absolute Alpha is a term that I use to define the “true way” to lead.

In the event that you are not aware of the basic concept of Black Belt Dog Training (even after reading the name)… the philosophy stems from my background in traditional martial arts. If you understand the ways of the traditional martial arts, you must embrace the way of Zen. In Zen, everything is nothing and nothing is everything. That is to say, in this situation you must become everything, yet remain humble.

I see so many people …Read More

German Shepherd and Malinois Playing Rough

Aggressive Dogs vs. Aggressive Behavior

I’m sure I’ll be addressing this issue again and again, as I have so many times in the past. Countless times I’ve been asked to evaluate a dog that has been labelled “aggressive” that actually just exhibited some aggressive behavior.

So.. what’s the difference? Simple, If I upset you, slap you, taunt you or annoy you, you might act aggressive, even if you are not an aggressive person. A person who is a bully, is violent or abusive is aggressive in nature.

Often times, even in play, a dogs actions …Read More

Dog Training Karate Dog Logo

After 20 Years in the Martial Arts, Why Did I Decide to Train Dogs?

The answer is very simple, I think its the right thing to do. I see so many people frustrated with their dogs, and its almost never the dogs fault, its merely a lack of communication. I’ve helped many people with their dogs, rehabilitated dogs and seeing the positive results is always very rewarding. I am a huge animal lover, all animals. Everything I do revolves around my love for animals… including choosing to be a vegetarian. I have a connection with animals that allows me to communicate with them on …Read More