Dog Behaviors Must be Trained

Dog’s Behaviors Don’t Fix Themselves

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Dogs are creatures of survival. They find what works and they keep doing it. Their behaviors don’t change, they simply adapt. If they are heading in a direction of aggression, they will continue in that direction until it stops working. Dogs are masters of opportunity and will use this skill to push any behaviors that are not put into check. …

German Shepherd and Malinois Playing Rough

Aggressive Dogs vs. Aggressive Behavior

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I’m sure I’ll be addressing this issue again and again, as I have so many times in the past. Countless times I’ve been asked to evaluate a dog that has been labelled “aggressive” that actually just exhibited some aggressive behavior. So.. what’s the difference? Simple, If I upset you, slap you, taunt you or annoy you, you might act aggressive, …

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After 20 Years in the Martial Arts, Why Did I Decide to Train Dogs?

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The answer is very simple, I think its the right thing to do. I see so many people frustrated with their dogs, and its almost never the dogs fault, its merely a lack of communication. I’ve helped many people with their dogs, rehabilitated dogs and seeing the positive results is always very rewarding. I am a huge animal lover, all …