Pet Safety on San Diego Living

Today I was on the CW San Diego Living talking about pet safety. – click here to see the video segment –

This is such an important aspect to think about, in particular when you are traveling with your dogs.  There are several products that I use and recommend when it comes to pet safety when traveling.  Here are some of my favorites.
First and foremost, I will NOT travel unless my dogs are restrained for both my safety and theirs.  There is no better crate than the MiM Vario Cage.  I have …Read More

Martha Stewart Interviews Robert Cabral

Martha Stewart Interview

Recently I was interviewed on Martha Stewart’s website about pet and travel safety.  In this interview with Alexandra Churchill of Martha Stewart Living I discussed:
On the Road with Dogs:
6 Common Problems and Training Tips to Fix Them
These 6 topics included:
Problem #1: Your Dog Hates Getting Into the Car
Before you can expect your dog to ride in the car contently, Cabral suggests making it into a game: Try throwing treats into the car and crate and let the dog run in and get them, or train your dog to eat food inside …Read More

Today Show NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda

Today Show about Dog Safety

Today I was on the Today Show on NBC with Kathy Lee and Hoda.  The segment was dedicated to pet safety.  Since I know many of you will be asking about these products, I thought to post all the info here as well as links where to buy them.  I am happy at the overwhelming positive response to keeping your pets safe when you travel, it is so important.  If you’d like to watch the segment, click here.

The first item I talked about was the Klein Metall AllSafe Harness.  It …Read More

Maya in Hotel Room - The Today Show

We’ll be on the Today Show on NBC

Tomorrow morning June 29th, Maya and I will be on the Today Show on NBC talking about pet safety.

As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of safety for our dogs and pets.  Tomorrow the Today Show is dedicating a segment to Pet Safety.  I’ll be talking about many aspects including choosing a safe, crash tested car crate and how to get your dog to use it, crash tested safety harnesses for dogs, as well as a host of other products that help our dogs (and cats) travel safer.

I’m …Read More

AllSafe Dog Safety Harness

How to use the AllSafe Harness

How to use the AllSafe Harness and it’s Safety Benefits.
Dogs are often susceptible to injuries in cars, in the vent of an accident as well as from common mishaps and it’s important to know how to use the AllSafe Harness.  When a dog is loose in a car they can also place your passengers at risk.  Loose dogs often wander around the passenger compartment and distract drivers, get in the way, obstruct vision and in the event of a sudden stop (whether or not that stop is the result of …Read More

Train Your Dog Oliver and Goofy

Why Train Your Dog

Why Train Your Dog
Inevitably I’m asked, “Why do you train your dog?  Can’t he just be happy and run around?  Do you feel the need to control him?”  The answer to all of these questions can be summed up by one simple explanation:

“I train my dog because I want what’s best for him.”

Training your dog has nothing to do with controlling him, it has to do with one thing and that is to form a bond with him.  Since we can’t have a conversation with our dogs, we have to …Read More

Beef and Tripe Recipe for Dogs.

Beef Tripe Recipe for Dogs

Beef Tripe is a great source of protein and nutrients for dogs.  I add an equal amount of muscle meet (or just plain beef) in order to enhance the taste and nutrients for my dogs.  Green Tripe refers to the fact that the tripe is unrefined, not necessarily the color of the meat.

Adding veggies and rice to your raw meats makes for an even more nutritious meal for your dog.  In this recipe I include:

Organic Beef
Green Tripe
Organic Green Beans
Organic Brown Rice
Dr. Bob’s Heath Nuggets (supplements)

Dogs in Crates in Cars

How to Train Your Dog To Travel in a Crate

How to train your dog to travel in a crate.  Simple…
Getting your dog to love his crate is very simple.  To begin with you want your dog to think of his crate as his favorite place, to do that start by introducing him to his crate in a motivational manner.  Take the car crate out of your car and put it on the floor.  Follow these simple steps.

NEVER force your dog into his crate and slam the door shut.  This will only set a negative precedent.  We’ll follow some simple steps.  This will make …Read More

Kong Toy Chew Toy for Dogs


The Kong Toy
The Kong is one of those products that is defined by one word.  There are numerous copies, but we still call them KONG.  I use Kongs as a reward and a stress reliever.  I put a small amount of almond butter inside and leave it with a dog who is a chewer or has anxiety about being left alone.  I use it to train dogs in crates, I use it for teething puppies, bottom line is I LOVE the Kong and recommend it to all of my clients.

Kongs …Read More

Dog Food Extras

Dog Food Extras

I believe that you can always make your dog’s meal better by adding some dog food extras.  I call them toppers as well and it makes me happy to slip a little extra surprise in my dog’s meal.

If you’re feeding your dog canned food or kibble, you can always enhance the experience for your dog’s palate by simply adding some extra veggies and / or fruits.  This can boost the nutritional value with little effort, and your dog will love you for it.

In this recipe I add:

Organic Kale
Organic Yellow Squash
Organic Blueberries