Jumping – Foundations

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part 1 – intro

I’ve never made a video on jumping and I think understanding the basics of it can be very beneficial for anyone and every dog.

First and foremost, NEVER EVER teach your dog to jump over a gate or a fence.  This teaches bad habits that will be impossible to break later and could cost your dog his or her life.

This video covers the intro to jumping.  Although the video itself is relatively short, it contains a ton of info.  Watch it a few times and I guarantee you’ll see things the second and third time that you missed the first time through. 

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  1. How do I ask you a question? my question is I have a Mal/Sheppard mix. He is a great dog and well trained, BUT he is people excitable. He just asks crazy excited when people come over to the house. The only thing that will work is to place him. How can I get him to calm down?

    1. Author

      I would continue to place him until he learns. Depending on age it could take a while. Mals are very play driven, so that will make it a bit harder!

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