Teach Your Dog to Bark

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Teach Your Dog to Stop Barking

This video started out quite accidentally.  Jimi started barking at me to get his lotus ball.  I thought, “Hey, this is a great time to address the issue of How to teach your dog to bark.” Some dogs bark at people and some just bark, but people always need help with this. 

If you teach your dog to bark, you’ll also want to know how to make him stop barking! Barking can be a useful tool for some dogs who have little drive.  Barking at the handler gives the dog some confidence and that confidence can be a good thing.

There are so many owners who complain that their dog constantly barks at stuff.  All they want is a way to get the dog to stop barking.  I address that in this lesson as well.

Overall, this “accidental lesson” will end up being one of the most important things you’ll learn in terms of a dog’s drive.  Watch the video and the lesson carefully, there’s a lot more info here than what lies on the surface.

essentially in this lesson we address: Building & Capping Drives!

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  1. I would love for you to discuss your diet for your dogs. I have a one-year-old female German Shepherd with a sensitive stomach who is on prescription diet digestive care she loves bananas and fruit and vegetables I’m wondering what your thoughts are on adding this to her diet…
    Would love to see a video

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