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with a Shelter Puppy

I’ve trained so many puppies, including my own.  There are several videos available on YouTube on my puppy training, but I’ve never done this before – training a shelter puppy in a complete run-through of the basics.  Honestly, I never thought of it until last month when I was at the shelter teaching my Bound Angels University.  Pete brought out these two adorable puppies and said, “What do you think we should teach these guys before they get adopted?”  What you see in this and a couple more videos (yet to come) is what I recommended.

Training a shelter puppy, in the shelter, is no easy task.  There are so many distractions: sounds, smells and sights…  Pulling off this training with this puppy was quite a task and I figure, if you can see me doing it with this puppy, you can do it with your puppy.

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  1. Thank You – I have been using your lessons on my now 6 mo old Malinois- Mia- since week 12. My ask Me Anything questions is how to get her to hold a bite. She loves tug but does not hold the bite very long or strong. She chomps and releases if I give much pull. I try to let her “win” to encourage the bite. She has a very strong drive. How can I help he HOLD the bite during tug.

  2. You are doing a big favour for the world. I am sure people who even dont own dog – can understand your teachings and learn something from it.

    Appreciate your work 200%

    Kamran (kam)
    deebing heights
    queensland ,

  3. Great Vids! I am going to be receiving a German Shepherd puppy soon and I plan on becoming a member and using your videos as a training program. I watched your crate training video which was great. My question is, when i first bring my puppy home since i haven’t had a chance to crate train him where do I keep him at night or when he is resting? If he’s not crate trained yet and I put him in there at night he will most likely associate the crate as a negative experience, right? I guess I’am a little confused about where to put the puppy at night until he is crate trained?
    Thank you for any advice and I’am excited to follow your training.

  4. Hello Robert,I love you videos,i’m a recent fan,i had sha pei for 8 beautiful years,and he was amazingly well mannered but he died recently and i need to fill in the hole he left,so I want to find the perfect breed for myself(since i don’t want another pei,because i would compare it with my lost dog)and i need help 🙂 I was thinking about Westie,but my main issue with them is barking since i’m living in the apartment,so my Q is: is it possible to teach a Westie not to bark if unnecessary(or not to bark at all-in rare events). Sorry for long message

    1. Author

      I had a sharpei too… loved him to pieces. I would be cautious on picking a dog that might have issues like Westies… Try to get a dog with a little lower drive so that you can make it easier on both of you!

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