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Everything You Need to Know!

This weeks member only lesson covers the prong collar. This is a complete lesson with several videos combined with a lesson plan to help you better understand the prong collar and its finer points. More than you will find in any one video on youtube. Read on!

Some people call it a prong collar, others call it a pinch collar. Either way, it remains one of the more controversial dog training tools.

I’ve used prong collars for years very successfully and taught countless clients how to use them effectively. Never before have I put all of this information into one training video or post, but I wanted to do it for you, my members. So, read on! Remember, this may NOT be the right tool for your dog, but you should have the ability to try it and see.

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    It is very informative. I already have seen many of your videos on youtube and this one gives me in-depth knowledge about prong collars.

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