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Using Food Dispensing Toys

Seeing as last week’s lesson covered a topic that requires some drive in a dog in order to perform the task, I thought I’d spend a lesson on building drive.  In particular building drive on a dog with little to no toy drive….

Remember, there is always something a dog will work for.  Dogs need to eat, so food is always an option.  You may have to skip a meal or two in order to get your dog to work for food, but your dog will thank you.  They are working animals and LOVE to work for food.  In this video I introduce you to a great idea.  A food dispensing toy.  These are often called LOTUS Balls, but that is the brand name, there are others.  Personally, I feel the lotus ball is the best one, it’s the one Janet and I use with our dogs and I would have no issue recommending it very highly for this purpose.

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  1. When I try to watch this video it says to watch the full video I must be a member (I am a member). When I click on the join now click here link it says I don’t have access to purchase this item 🙁

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      there was a glitch with the server a few days ago. I believe we got this handled. There is always the help page and I am ALWAYS here to make sure your memberhsip is up to your expectations…

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