Teaching the Send Away

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Not every lesson will be something to teach your particular dog, but each lesson contains important aspects that will be very useful to your dog, the relationship with your dog and your overall skill as a dog owner, handler and trainer.

This week’s lesson is the GO OUT.  It is one of the hardest things to teach a dog.  Think about it, all we ever teach our dogs is COME, STAY and such.  When do we ever ask our dog to RUN AWAY from us?  Well if you do any competitive obedience sport such as AKC, IPO or RING you will be required to send your dog AWAY from you.  I remember teaching Goofy this many years ago.  I struggled with different methods until I finally found one that worked. That is the one that I’m teaching you here.  This week’s video is quite long and detailed and includes both Goofy doing it perfectly. Jimi is the teachers’ helper.  I think you’ll really LOVE the way Goofy and Jimi differ in their styles.

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  1. the go out has Goofy doing touch.. Seems to be a demo. Where is the beginning?
    I was taught touch where I have the object and my dog hits with her nose. So, now I am having her touch it, then I will put somewhere so I can send her out to touch.. Is that how you teach it?? I didn’t see the video how to teach.. What purpose does the send out have? Thanks!

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