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Working dogs are a specific line of a particular breed of dog that are bred for working. That “working” generally refers to either protection work, obedience work or other high intensity chores. Because of this, these dogs are different in nature than the standard dogs. Take for example German Shepherds, there are three varieties: pet dogs, show dogs and working dogs. They are all German Shepherds and look similar, but quite different in personality.

Whenever I get a client with a breed that has a working line variance, the very first question I ask is: “Is the dog a working line?” This will answer a lot. Most breeders won’t sell a working line dog to the average pet owners, some however will. This can be because they don’t care, they need to get rid of the dog or they are stupid. The average dog owner should not own a working line breed.

I’m putting a new video series together called, “So You Got a Malinois!” In this series I’ll answer questions on working line breeds including Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Dutch Shepherds and more. Here is episode #1:

Episode 1 of So… YOU GOT A MALINOIS

Its my intention to shed some light on why these dogs, amazing as they are, are not great pets for the average person. They take an insane amount of work, knowledge and attention. It’s like buying a Bugatti to go grocery shopping! I hope you’ll head over to youtube and watch episode 1 and subscribe so you’ll see all the other episodes coming.


  1. Any ideas? Worked a long time obedience training a neighbors Vizsla at Trancas park, saw you a few times.Long story short, they were renters at our guest house then bought a house up Latigo it burned down so they moved back.Now the dog a 5 year old Vizsla, still knows all the non verbal commands with just hand signals.The problem is, he seems to be scared of me.He won’t come unless I have food.I might have been a little hard on him when he would do something stupid like chasing after a dear or coyote.He will run up to everyone to say hi but keeps his distance with me.I spent a lot of time with dog, many hours scent training,agility,obedience.It was a joy working with him when I was going through some hard times with family.Would like to regain his trust.Any ideas? Thanks Kirk

    1. Author

      I’d keep using the food for a while. Eventually you’ll gain the trust again. Just go slow… let him push you a little! Go easy 🙂

  2. Hello! My 5 month old Doberman does fantastic on all his training when we are inside the house. When we go outside though it’s like he hasn’t been trained at all. Wont stay or drop ever. What am I doing wrong or is it where hes still in training.

  3. I just sent you an email about my Belgian male Malinois trained as a protection dog, he nips visitors so must be put in his pen when there are visitors. With me he is totally obedient, we walk almost every day and play. I forgot to mention that under any stressful situation he spins and spins and spins… thank you

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