How to Talk to YOUR DOG

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It’s one of the most common problems people face in dog training whether its with their dogs or a clients dog; a lack of communication.

I originally titled this video, “How to Confuse Your Dog,” but I thought that seemed too negative.  But, it is exactly what people do when they try to TALK to their dog – it simply confuses the dog because he lacks the ability to understand your words.  That is he LACKS the ability until you teach him.  It must be our first and foremost goal to teach our dogs what we want them to know.  If you want to train your dog, teach him to learn first!

Think of visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak or understand the language.  How will you communicate?  You will need to learn the language and the best way to do that is through pictures:  this is a car, this is a dog, etc.  You will start to associate the words with their meanings.  Oftentimes people don’t do this for their dogs, they simply expect their dogs to understand what it is they are shouting at their dogs – SIT SIT SIT.  The dog doesn’t know what it means and yelling it louder doesn’t make it any clearer.  In fact it makes it worse.  So, in this lecture I explain one of the most important things for people to focus on when training their dogs….  How to talk to the dog so the dog can comprehend what it is you are trying to say.

Remember, your dog will learn just  about anything you teach him, but he won’t learn too much without you.  Take your time and link commands with luring and shaping behaviors – mark those commands and reward them.  Keep your training short and fun because dogs learn much more through success than through failure.  Short training sessions of 10-12 minutes are ideal for most dogs, longer training sessions are NOT better, in fact they will harm training.  Keep it short.

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