Dog Safety Gear

Dog Safety Gear

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For years I have been stressing the importance of dog safety, telling people to secure their dogs when traveling.  This applies for a short drive or a cross country trip.  I constantly see dogs riding with their heads hanging out of the window, in peoples’ laps, in the back of pick up trucks and so much more.  This causes a safety hazard for you, your passengers, other drivers as well as your dog.

I always travel with my dog(s) in a crate.  Dog safety is not an afterthought with me, it is my first priority.  There are some other options and beginning today I will make these options available here on my website.  I will focus on dog safety gear, tips and advice.  The focus will be safety when traveling, but I hope to include products that will enhance the safety and overall lives of dogs and their people.

There are many options when transporting your dog with you, the most important is to be certain that your dog is restrained when in the car.  I suggest doing that in one of two ways:

1. A Car Crate
The car crate should not be the standard wire crate that you buy at the pet shop.  I suggest using a crash tested safety crate with crumple zone protection such as the MiM VarioCage.  This is the crate I recommend and the one I use.  In my opinion is it the safest crate because it has been crash tested to government standards in front and rear impact as well as roll-over tests.

2. A Safety Harness
PLEASE do not restrain your dog in a standard walking harness.  This can do much more harm than good.  These harnesses can break apart in the event of an impact or possibly strangle your dog because they are not designed for restraining your dog in the event of an accident.  I found that the Klein Metall AllSafe Harness was the only harness that was crash tested.  It meets government safety standards and is designed in Germany.  I use this harness and recommend it to all of my clients.


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