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After 20 Years in the Martial Arts, Why Did I Decide to Train Dogs?

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The answer is very simple, I think its the right thing to do. I see so many people frustrated with their dogs, and its almost never the dogs fault, its merely a lack of communication. I’ve helped many people with their dogs, rehabilitated dogs and seeing the positive results is always very rewarding. I am a huge animal lover, all animals. Everything I do revolves around my love for animals… including choosing to be a vegetarian. I have a connection with animals that allows me to communicate with them on a different level than most people. I draw upon this connection when training or consulting. Each dog is different and must be approached in a unique way.

I am very active in dog rescue and work with local shelters here in LA. I’ve rescued many dogs from shelters, rehabilitated several and pulled others off of death row with some simple behavior modifications. I believe there are no bad dogs, only communication blocks between humans and their dogs.

Most of the dogs that come to me for training are the ones considered “trouble dogs,” including: Chows, Pit Bulls, Sharpei, Dobermans among others. When other training methods fail, mine generally work very well.

My techniques are simple, and only require time and dedication. I teach and communicate in dog training very similarly as I do when teaching traditional martial arts. I do not feel there is much of a difference, henceforth a similar approach.

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