AKC Utility Trial Prep

AKC Utility Trial Training Prep
Last week I got a request from a member asking to shoot some video of my training my dog(s).  I’ve had this asked before, so I assume it is of interest to you guys…
Goofy and I are getting ready to go to a competition this weekend.  We’ll be showing in Utility and Open exercises at the trial.  I shot this video during one of our training sessions.  I left in the work of perfecting each technique just so you can see that even a dog that …Read More

Choke Chain Explained

Choke Chain Explained
My go-to collar has always been a choke chain / slip collar.  I believe it is the most basic way to control and communicate with a dog.  I recommend this type of collar for almost every dog.  The exception to this rule is dogs with cervical issues or very old dogs.
There are some dangers involved with using choke chains and I address them in the first part of this video.  This is the video that is available on social media for free.  The second and much longer part …Read More

DOWN with Help

Teaching DOWN with Help
This is a special lesson!
My work at the shelters helps me to better understand complex behaviors that the average trainers never get to see.  It’s through this work that I’ve build my methodology and helped more and more dogs.
In this lesson I took a “green dog” (a dog with little to no training) and began trying to lure the DOWN command.  He just couldn’t get it.  I added some physical help that helped him understand what we wanted.
The issue is that many trainers will try to just …Read More

Teaching Stand

Teach Your Dog the STAND Command

There are three basic “positions” we expect a dog to know.  SIT DOWN STAND.  Each of these has their own importance.  Most every dog knows sit and most dogs can do a down, either by verbal command or by luring them.  However, there are very few dogs that can STAND on command.   Why is this important?  Simple, if a dog is lying down and you want them to get up without “releasing” the dog, what can you do?
Teaching your dog to STAND gives them the …Read More

Puppy Engagement with Nello

Puppy Engagement
Building a solid relationship with your puppy means getting the puppy to look at you and engage with you.  But the big question is, “How do we do that?”  Do we use treats? Toys? Compulsion? What if the puppy chooses not to pay attention or finds something else more interesting?
In this lesson I address this issue with a new puppy.  Nello has an issue focussing on his owners and it is one of the reasons that I worked with him.  We took him to a big park with lots …Read More

My Feeding Routine

My Feeding Routine
This lesson give you a peek into my feeding ritual with my dogs.  How your dog sees the feeding time in your home is how your dog sees you. This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of dog ownership.  Everything in your dog’s eyes relates to his survival and that is a direct reflection of how his food is given to him.  Some people just let the dog eat whenever they want as in free feeding, others just throw the food down. I believe in structure …Read More

Play Tug with Your Dog

Fun with Tug
Tug is not only a fun game to play with your dog, but it also benefits your relationship with your dog tremendously. If your dog will play tug with you, you will have a bond with that dog like none other.
I will state on the outset that not EVERY dog will play tug. If your dog won’t, forcing them will not work. In this lesson I want to show you some ways to teach your dog the game and learn the skills to make it fun.
Most working dogs …Read More

Drop / Down on Recall

The DOWN on RECALL is a very impressive thing to see a dog do.  It’s also a safety exercise which shows how much control you have over your dog and how well your dog listens.  Down on Recall is also an obedience exercise. In AKC Obedience you need to demonstrate this and in Schutzhund / IPO you need to do something similar, which is a Down on Send Away.

In this lesson I will teach you the complete Drop on Recall and also show you the training, reward and corrections that …Read More

Walk Backwards – problem solving

There are many places where having a dog know a “BACK” command can be very important, particularly in obedience. I’ve done a video on teaching your dog the skill, but several people have the same hurdle when teaching it – the dog lies down instead of walking backwards. So, this video will address some of the issues to either prevent that from happening or fix it!

It’s important to be patient when teaching new skills to dogs, in particular ones that are not natural for a dog such as the WALK …Read More

Loose Leash Walking

Logical Solutions Easy for Both Dog and Human

I think that getting a dog to walk on a loose leash and enjoy their walk is one of the most frustrating things that owners face. There are countless issues that go into it from the do’s prey drive, tight leashes, distractions, bad manners and a host of other things.

In this lesson, one of our longest ever, 30+ minutes – I discuss most every aspect of building a nice leash walk.

PLEASE NOTE – This lesson should be approached over several days / sessions.PLEASE, …Read More