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This week's Member Only Lesson!
LONG Retrieves!

Getting a dog to bring something back is a fun exercise for both you and your dog. It is also a strong bonding exercise that can cement the relationship between man and dog.

It's one thing to teach your dog to bring something back in your house or in your yard, but when you're talking about outside in an open field or park, it's a whole different story.

In this week's lesson I address many points that can fall apart when you get into the field. Please be sure to watch my HOLD video lesson first, as you must have that skill under your belt before you progress to this lesson.

PLEASE NOTE - even though this is an advanced lesson, trainers of all levels should see it and understand the theories...


My Latest

I can categorically recommend Robert Cabral as the best trainer of shelter animals I’ve had the privilege to work with. Robert has a unique understanding of canine behavior. His innovative and successful approach is one of the reason that our euthanasia has declined each and every year.Brenda Barnette GM, LA Animal Services

Robert’s experience training dogs includes most every breed and temperament. He has instructed, trained and rehabilitated dogs from animal shelters nationwide, often-times being  their only chance at adoption and escaping euthanasia.

He has trained and titled competitive obedience, protection and sport dogs and trained loving family pets in his private dog training business in Malibu, California.  Robert consults with shelters and dog product companies making the world a better place for dogs.

About Robert


Robert is a canine behavior specialist whose work has helped dogs all over the world.  His theories & techniques are used by animal shelters throughout the US in dealing with difficult  dogs and helping to make them more adoptable.   These techniques are responsible for saving the lives of countless thousands of dogs

He has trained, handled and evaluated thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels, helping  shelters save countless dogs throughout the USA.

Robert has titled, trained and competed in various dog sports including: IPO, Mondio Ring and AKC Obedience.  Because of his understanding and compassion for dogs, he is considered one of the  top dog trainers anywhere.  He is a problem solver for even the most complex canine behavior issues.

Bound Angels

Robert’s work with Bound Angels teaches animal shelter employees, management and volunteers to better understand the behavior of dogs that often causes them to be killed.  For over 10 years Robert has taught his life-saving program through the LA Animal shelters and beyond, having reached hundreds of people and thousands of dogs.

Bound Angels  is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides life-saving resources to municipal shelters, humane societies, SPCA’s and rescues nationwide.  

Please consider supporting the work of Bound Angels, by clicking here and making a tax deductible donation.  

Robert Cabral – Author


Desperate Dogs Determined Measures was written for one single reason. Someone commented to Robert, “If I had your skills, I would train and save dogs all day long.” This inspired Robert to write about the steps to his success in training, assessing and working with shelter dogs.

The book is a no-nonsense guide to helping save the dogs at the greatest risk in our nation’s shelters.

Some have considered it a “Bible” for those wishing to save more dogs from shelters.

Selling Used Dogs is based on Robert’s extensive experience in saving shelter dogs and the creative methods he used to successfully marketing them for adoption.

The book contains hands-on steps including how to make You Tube videos, photography tips, posting to Facebook and much more.

All of the methods in this book have proven successful in saving the lives of shelter dogs.

Media & Press

Robert Cabral: A Spokesperson for Dogs Like No Other.

Robert is also known as "The Malibu Dog Trainer."  
He is referred by every local, veterinarian, groomer, pet store and dog lover!