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The three most important things
a dog trainer should possess:

1: A true love & compassion for dogs

2. The ability to understand dogs

3. The ability to find solutions and communicate them to you

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My Feeding Routine!


Building a solid relationship with your puppy means getting the puppy to look at you and engage with you.  But the big question is, “How do we do that?”  Do we use treats? Toys? Compulsion? What if the puppy chooses not to pay attention or finds something else more interesting?

In this lesson I address this issue with a new puppy.  Nello has an issue focussing on his owners and it is one of the reasons that I worked with him.  We took him to a big park with lots of smells and distractions.  Building the engagement was a game changer for Nello and it is a great lesson for any dog / puppy owner.

A big thank you to Walter and Marion for bringing Nello to me to train!

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Dog Training with Robert

“I can categorically recommend Robert Cabral as the best trainer of shelter animals I’ve had the privilege to work with. Robert has a unique understanding of canine behavior. His innovative and successful approach is one of the reasons that our euthanasia has declined each and ever year.”

– Brenda Barnette GM, LA Animal Services

Robert’s experience training dogs includes most every breed and temperament. He has instructed, trained and rehabilitated dogs from animal shelters nationwide, often-times being their only chance at adoption and escaping euthanasia.

He has trained and titled competitive obedience, protection and sport dogs and trained loving family pets in his private dog training business in Malibu, California. Robert consults with shelters and dog product companies making the world a better place for dogs.

About Robert Cabral

Robert is a canine behavior specialist whose work has helped dogs all over the world. His theories & techniques are used by animal shelters throughout the US in dealing with difficult dogs and helping to make them more adoptable. These techniques are responsible for saving the lives of countless thousands of dogsHe has trained, handled and evaluated thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels, helping shelters save countless dogs throughout the USA.

Robert has titled, trained and competed in various dog sports including: IPO, Mondio Ring and AKC Obedience. Because of his understanding and compassion for dogs, he is considered one of the top dog trainers anywhere. He is a problem solver for even the most complex canine behavior issues.

About Robert Cabral

Bound Angels

Helping Shelters Save More Lives

Robert’s work with Bound Angels teaches animal shelter employees, management and volunteers to better understand the behavior of dogs that often causes them to be killed. For over 10 years Robert has taught his life-saving program through the LA Animal shelters and beyond, having reached hundreds of people and thousands of dogs.

Bound Angels is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides life-saving resources to municipal shelters, humane societies, SPCA’s and rescues nationwide.

Please consider supporting the work of Bound Angels, by clicking here and making a tax deductible donation.


Thank you sincerely Robert for your training session and continued advice. It is hard to believe the tremendous progress Dora and Burton have made. It is hard to believe that they literally were trying to attack each other instantly if even near one another over a month ago.
Carley Saeliner VMD, DACVIM Cardiology
Thanks to Robert our beautiful shelter dog has a chance at a new life with his forever home.

“Sparky” required immediate assessment and correction for aggressive fear behaviors, which were discovers by Robert upon his first visit to our home. Without Robert’s intervention, we doubt that Sparky would have survived, so we cannot recommend Robert’s methods enough. Kudos to Robert.

Peter & Heather Higgins & Sparky Malibu CA
No one ever did for an animal and for myself what Robert has done, he’s made me understand the why’s and the very nature of dogs.

Robert produces a level of skill & competence that is rare in any field. He has such a deep and spiritual understanding of animals, he gets results quickly.

Rose is happier and safer today because Robert set us on the right path. I’m so grateful to Robert for opening up another world of understanding for us.

Dolores Rivellino Walsh The Godmother of Malibu, Inc
I refer him (Robert) regularly as a trainer with amazing “dog” intuition and someone who can get the job done. He is straight forward and honest and I trust him.

He is truly man’s man’s best friend. Thank you Robert for all you do and giving me hope for our canine friends.

Dr, Lisa Newell Malibu Coast Animal Hospital